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where are you, veggie low-carbers?

So, I am constantly on the prowl for awesome low-carb vegetarian/vegan recipes, and I have to say the really good ones are few and far between. Not to mention, every subject from Poptart love to Humanure have at least one website or blog dedicated specifically (or featured heavily) to them. But no vegetarian or vegan low-carb. What the heck, fellow veggie low-carbers?! Are you out there? And if you are, why hasn’t anyone publishes a site for US? WE NEED ONE! That’s for sure! After a crazy amount of picking through omni-sites for veggie tidbits and an inhumanely huge level of frustration, I decided to just do it myself, darnit!

Well, here I am. I don’t know how good the blog will be. I’ll be the first one to say I have difficulty sitting down in front of a computer with a specific goal (other than random stumbling and maybe a little peek into facebook) for more than one day a week. Then there are other factours 1) My two kids and mini-still-inside-me-kid take up a lot of time 2) I’m not the wealthiest bird in the bush. Meaning, I only have so much lettuce with which to purchase specialty ingredients (or ANY ingredients, for that matter). Let’s not even get into how much of a battery-hog my Kodak is… (grumble, grumble.)

But, I will do my very best to provide a place for veggie low-carbers to hang out, chime in and test possibly weird and wonderful recipes. Wish me luck, folks!

Peas, Love and Hippyness,

Crunchy Mum


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